Poznan Guerillawalks

Unnanounced, subjective citywalk on wireless headphones, guiding through public and semipublic space in Poznan, Poland. Site specific. Final station: a two-channel-sidewalk-disco in the main square.

Theatrefestival MALTA 2009
Ul. Sw. Marcin 80/82 pok. 217, PL-61-809 Poznan
25., 26., 27.06.2009, 17:30 hrs

3 individual tours, running time: 3 hrs

Based on an analysis of the local relation of public and private space we stage a series of three guided guerilla audio-tours through various streets and districts of Poznan, in which the participants are led via wireless headphone-systems. By commenting and fictionalizing places and (inter)actions, the guides will navigate through various outdoor and indoor public and private territory and spaces, always entering without prior notice. Moreover, the participants are enticed to become active themselves, but also reactions and statements of bypassers and residents will be integrated into the livestreams.

Directed by: Oliver Hangl
Tourguides: Oliver Hangl, Danny Bruder (D)
Special guests: Plazmatikon (PL)
Special apperance: Nicola Eller
Technical director, camera, editing: P.A. Knopf

more pics (Studio Elan)